At its core, Fat Baby Tacos is...

bold, lively, and down-right delicious. The menu is packed with approachable fresh-casual Latin cuisine—tacos bursting with slow-roasted meats wrapped in homemade tortillas, tantalizing tamales, and bountiful burritos—prepared to fit each guests’ individual cravings. Rounding out the taqueria’s flavor-packed menu are starters and sides, salads, and pozoles. The diverse drink selection includes hand-crafted draft cocktails, sangrias, as well as agua frescas and a vegan coconut milk horchata.  Fat Baby Tacos’ playful concept surges through the space upon first-steps into the restaurant. Guests are greeted by a larger-than-life, hand-painted mural that graces the welcoming wall of the front patio. The 100% custom décor is the perfect complement to the friendly, high-energy environment the restaurant embodies. Rooted at the intersect of satisfying simplicity seasoned with dashes of daring, Fat Baby Tacos guarantees to make guests DROOL.